Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government


Level 1 Item Home
Level 1 Item About Parliament
Level 2 Item Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
Level 2 Item Broadcast
Level 3 Item Video broadcast
Level 3 Item Audio broadcast
Level 3 Item Conditions
Level 2 Item Meeting Days
Level 2 Item Information Papers
Level 2 Item How to Lodge a Petition
Level 2 Item Education Services
Level 3 Item Schools
Level 3 Item Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 3 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 4 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 5 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 6 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 7 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 8 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 9 Curriculum Resources
Level 4 Item Year 10 Curriculum Resources
Level 3 Item Publications
Level 3 Item Adult Education
Level 3 Item Links
Level 2 Item Tours of Parliament House
Level 2 Item For Contractors
Level 2 Item Statehood
Level 2 Item Privilege
Level 2 Item Venue Hire
Level 3 Item Features
Level 3 Item Venue Hire Manual
Level 3 Item Venues
Level 2 Item Links to Other Parliaments
Level 2 Item Media Accreditation
Level 2 Item Demonstrations and Rallies
Level 1 Item Business
Level 2 Item Parliamentary Record (Hansard) and Minutes of Proceedings with Advance Search
Level 2 Item Meeting documents
Level 2 Item Tabled Papers
Level 2 Item Standing and Sessional Orders
Level 2 Item Northern Territory Legislation
Level 2 Item Petitions and responses
Level 2 Item Written questions
Level 2 Item Summary of Meetings
Level 1 Item Members
Level 2 Item Members - 14th Assembly
Level 3 Item Hon Ngaree Ah Kit
Level 3 Item Ms Marie-Clare Boothby
Level 3 Item Mr Joel Bowden
Level 3 Item Mr Joshua Burgoyne
Level 3 Item Mr Lawrence Costa
Level 3 Item Mr Steven Edgington
Level 3 Item Mrs Lia Finocchiaro
Level 3 Item Hon Natasha Fyles
Level 3 Item Hon Michael Gunner
Level 3 Item Mr Yingiya (Mark) Guyula
Level 3 Item Mrs Jo Hersey
Level 3 Item Hon Paul Kirby
Level 3 Item Mrs Robyn Lambley
Level 3 Item Hon Eva Lawler
Level 3 Item Mr Gerard Maley
Level 3 Item Hon Nicole Manison
Level 3 Item Mr Mark Monaghan
Level 3 Item Hon Lauren Moss
Level 3 Item Hon Chanston Paech
Level 3 Item Ms Kezia Purick
Level 3 Item Mr Ian Sloan
Level 3 Item Mr Mark Turner
Level 3 Item Hon Selena Uibo
Level 3 Item Hon Kate Worden
Level 3 Item Mr William Yan
Level 2 Item Ministry - 14th Assembly
Level 2 Item Shadow Ministry - 14th Assembly
Level 2 Item Chamber Seating
Level 2 Item Members' Entitlements
Level 2 Item Members' Registrable Interests
Level 2 Item Previous Assemblies
Level 1 Item Committees
Level 2 Item Inquiries
Level 2 Item List of Committees
Level 2 Item Get involved
Level 2 Item Subscribe
Level 1 Item The Department
Level 2 Item Structure
Level 2 Item Department Officers
Level 2 Item Corporate information
Level 2 Item Legislation
Level 2 Item Freedom of information
Last updated: 03 Aug 2016