Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government


The Assembly’s committees undertake functions of the Assembly that can more easily be performed by a small group of Members.  This includes:

  • inquiring into matters of public importance, such as the scrutiny of government activities,
  • addressing a difficult issue of public policy, or
  • consulting on proposed laws.

Committees provide the public an opportunity to get involved in the work of the Assembly by making submissions and speaking at hearings and public forums.

Committees comprise Government, Opposition and independent Members of the Assembly. They are extensions of the Assembly and operate according to the authority delegated to them.

Inquiries are conducted by obtaining information from individuals, organisations, government departments and experts on the matters under investigation. Committees typically call for public submissions and then hold public hearings. The Committee then reports to the Assembly with recommendations for the Assembly and the Government. An outline of the typical inquiry process is here.

Last updated: 12 Jan 2021