Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

List of Committees

The following table provides a brief overview of the function of each Assembly committee. More detailed information on each committee be found by selecting the committee name.

Information on previous committees can be found here

Public AccountsExamines and reports on government income and spending, and reports of the Auditor-General, and considers whether petitions referred to it by the Assembly should be debated.
EstimatesExamines and reports on the estimates of proposed expenditure (Budget), the management of government-owned corporations and the performance of agencies as outlined in their Annual Reports.
Legal and Constitutional AffairsInquires and reports on constitutional and legal matters referred to it by the Attorney-General or the Assembly, and examines and reports upon all instruments of a legislative or administrative character and other papers which are required by statute to be tabled in the Assembly.
Standing Committee on the ICACPerforms the functions of the Assembly Committee under the ICAC Act, examines the Annual Report of the Commissioner and the annual report on evaluation by the Inspector, and examines trends in similar bodies in Australia and internationally.
Standing OrdersMakes recommendations to the Assembly about changing the Standing Orders, which are the rules for how the Assembly operates.
HouseAdvises the Speaker on matters relating to Parliament House and services to Members.
PrivilegesInquires into and reports on matters of privilege referred to it by the Assembly.
Members' InterestsDirects how the Clerk keeps the Register of Members' Interests and decides how it will be made available for inspection.
Last updated: 19 May 2022