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Adult Education

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Know Your Assembly
The Know Your Assembly seminars are designed to give attendees an improved understanding of the role and functions of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory with a focus on the interaction between the Executive Government and the Parliament. Seminars are run over a full day and are available to public servants, legal practitioners, media professionals, community groups, tertiary students studying political science, law, economics and professionals engaging with government and legislation such as Industry groups, business leaders, small business owners, community sector professionals and lobbyists.
Check back here in early 2022 for seminar dates.

Democracy in the NT
The Department of the Legislative Assembly in conjunction with the Supreme Court and Northern Territory Electoral Commission have developed Democracy in the NT as an educational program that promotes an understanding of the basics about the parliamentary system, the voting system and the justice system in the Northern Territory.

The program is designed to target a wide range of people including community groups, new immigrants and refugees who are unfamiliar with our systems to help them understand the democracy they live in and are expected to participate in.

The program includes a tour of Parliament House which covers how parliament and governance works in the Territory. There is also an optional one hour introduction to our parliamentary system and democracy that can be done prior. The program also includes a presentation by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission on the three levels of government, voting systems and elections and then a mock election to show how votes are counted and how preferences are distributed. Then, at the Supreme Court participants do a tour of the building and a short role play of a trial to learn about the justice system. Each focus area runs for 60 minutes and can be run on different days or over one morning or afternoon. Parliamentary Education Services coordinate the program on request.

Adult Tours
Parliamentary Education Services are available to run free tours of Parliament House for any organisation within the public or private sector on request. These tours can be run during parliamentary sitting days so participants can watch parliament in action as part of their visit. Tours can be tailored in length and content to suit the needs of each group.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2021