Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Members' Registrable Interests

  • All Members' statements are tabled each March.

Members Interests for March 2020

Members Interests for March 2019

Members Interests for March 2018

Members Interests for March 2017 - Volume, 1 A - L

Members Interests for March 2017 - Volume, 2 M - Z

Procedure for Inspection of the Updated Register

  • Viewing of the hard copy Register is by appointment during working hours.
  • The contact number for appointments is (08) 8946 1422.
  • The Register is located in the Office of the Clerk, Level 3, Parliament House, Darwin, Northern Territory.
  • No photocopies may be made of any part of the Register, however, notes may be taken.
  • An ‘Inspection of Register’ form will have to be completed prior to viewing each Members Statement of Registrable Interests.
  • Members of the Assembly are able to view the ‘Inspection of Register’ form attached to their Statement of Registrable Interests to inspect who has viewed their Register.

For more information, see the Legislative Assembly (Disclosure of Interests) Act

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020