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Ice Select Committee

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Terms of Reference 

On 25 March 2015 the Legislative Assembly resolved that:

A Select Committee on the prevalence, impacts and government responses to illicit use of the drug colloquially known as 'Ice' in the Northern Territory be appointed.

The Committee will investigate and report on:

  1. The reliability of government data on Ice use and measures to enhance the collection of data to ensure that the scale of the problem and its impacts on the health, justice, drug and alcohol, and law enforcement efforts of the Northern Territory Government are understood and measured as accurately as possible;
  2. A comprehensive survey of the various government responses to the abuse of Ice in the Northern Territory and assess their effectiveness or otherwise;
  3. The social and community impacts of Ice in urban, community and remote settings;
  4. Government and community responses to Ice use in other states and some assessment of the effectiveness of these responses in terms of prevention, education, family and individual support and withdrawal and treatment modalities;
  5.  The sources of Ice including cross border trafficking, local manufacture and derivation from legal pharmaceuticals and other legal precursors; and
  6. Best practice work place health and safety measures for those in the health system who come into contact with users of Ice.    

In consideration of these matters, the Committee should:

  1. Consult widely with Territorians and those organisations and professionals with experience in Ice use;
  2. Consider best practice models for effective early education, prevention, containment, treatment and withdrawal strategies; and
  3. Seek the advice and experience of other jurisdictions regarding the options, costs and effectiveness of government and community approaches.

The Committee’s membership shall comprise the Member for Blain, the Member for Arafura, the Member for Casuarina and the Member for Nelson. The Chair will be the Member for Blain. 

The Committee may elect a Deputy Chair of the Committee, who may act as the Chair when the Chair is absent from a meeting or there is no Chair of the Committee. A quorum of the Committee shall be two members of the Committee.

The committee is to report by 17 September 2015.*

The provisions of this resolution, insofar as they are inconsistent with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders

*On 26 August 2015 the Assembly amended the reporting date to 19 November 2015.

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Media Releases

Call for Submissions by 1 May 2015
Public Hearing in Darwin on 19 June 2015
Upcoming Public Hearings and Forums in Katherine and Alice Springs 
Public Hearing, Forum and Site Visit in Katherine on 15 July 2015
Public Hearing, Forum and Site Visit in Alice Springs on 22 July 2015
Public Hearing in Darwin on 7 September 2015 
Ice Report Tabled


Submission No. 1 – Australian Medical Association Northern Territory
Submission No. 2 – National Drug Research Institute 
Submission No. 3 – BushMob
Submission No. 4 – NT Department of Attorney-General and Justice
Submission No. 5 – NT Department of Health
Submission No. 6 – Venndale Rehabilitation Centre
Submission No. 7 – Australian Drug Foundation
Submission No. 8 – NT Department of Education
Submission No. 9 – INPEX
Submission No. 10 – Pennington Institute
Submission No. 11 – St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc
Submission No. 12 – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Submission No. 13 – NT Council of Social Service
Submission No. 14 – National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Submission No. 15 – Association of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies NT
Submission No. 16 – Catholic Care NT
Submission No. 17 – Amity Community Service Inc
Submission No. 18 – Banyan House
Submission No. 19 – Danila Dilba
Submission No. 20 – Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council
Submission No. 21 – Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Submission No. 22 – Prison In-Reach Program – Darwin Correctional Centre Clinic (CONFIDENTIAL)
Submission No. 23 – NT Department of Correctional Services
Submission No. 24 – Headspace Darwin and Anglicare NT
Submission No. 25 – Australian Crime Commission
Submission No. 26 – Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Submission No. 27 – Domestic Violence Legal Service
Submission No. 27 – Appendix A - Domestic Violence Legal Service (CONFIDENTIAL)
Submission No. 28 – Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit 
Submission No. 29 – Australian Hotels Association (NT Branch)
Submission No. 30 - TEAMHealth
Submission No. 31 – Taminmin College Council (CONFIDENTIAL)
Submission No. 32 – Darwin Regional Indigenous Suicide Prevention Network
Submission No. 33 – NT Department of Children and Families
Submission No. 34 – NT Police Service
Submission No. 34 – Annexures A - F - NT Police Service (CONFIDENTIAL)
Submission No. 35 – Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT
Submission No. 35 – Appendix A - Aboriginal Peak Organisation NT
Submission No. 36 - NT Department of Health - Supplementary Information on NT Needle and Syringe Program
Submission No. 37 - Tangentyere Council - Letter of support for CAAAPU Ice


Public Hearing Darwin 19 June 2015

NT Police Service and Australian Federal Police
Department of Health
Department of the Attorney-General and Justice
Department of Correctional Services
Department of Children and Families
Department of Education
NT Legal Aid Commission
NT AIDS and Hepatitis Council
Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT and Danila Dilba
St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc.
Australian Crime Commission
Banyan House

Public Hearing and Forum Katherine 15 July 2015

Association of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies NT
Venndale Rehabilitation Centre
Public Forum 

Public Hearing and Forum Alice Springs 22 July 2015

Central Australia Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit 
Public Forum 

Public Hearing Darwin 7 September 2015

NT Road Transport Association
Australian Hotels Association NT Branch
INPEX and JKC Australia LNG Ltd
Master Builders Association
Australian Medical Association NT
Amity Community Services Inc.
NT Council of Social Services Inc.
Pennington Institute
Drug and Alcohol Services Association Inc. 

Tabled Papers

TP 1 - Department of Correctional Services
TP 2 - Australian Crime Commission
TP 3 - Association of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies NT 

Answers to Questions Taken on Notice

Pharmacy Guild of Australia NT Branch
Department of Correctional Services
Department of Attorney-General and Justice
Department of Children and Families
Banyan House
Australian Crime Commission
NT Police Service
Department of Health
Department of Emergency Medicine Royal Darwin Hospital
St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc.


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