Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Questions and Answers Taken on Notice

1-1Infrastructure, Planning & LogisticsInfrastructure Funding, Homeland SchoolsYes
1-2Infrastructure, Planning & LogisticsFlood Water NotificationYes
2-1Department of the Chief MinisterTravel Expenditure Chief ExecutiveYes
2-2Department of the Chief MinisterTravel Expenditure Public ServantsYes
2-3Police, Fire & Emergency ServicesExpenditure on Legal FeesYes
2-4Police, Fire & Emergency ServicesWorkers CompensationYes
2-5Police, Fire & Emergency ServicesWorkers Compensation PayoutsYes
2-6Police, Fire & Emergency ServicesBreaches of BailYes
2-7Trade, Business & InnovationTravel ExpenditureYes
3-1Attorney-General & JusticePublic Servants TravelYes
3-2Attorney-General & JusticeAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff NumbersYes
3-3Attorney-General & JusticeIndigenous Incarceration RatesYes
3-4Attorney-General & JusticeNational Partnership Funding for Legal ServicesYes
3-5HealthInternational Travel by Chief Executive OfficerYes
3-6HealthIndigenous Suicide RatesYes
3-7HealthIndigenous Life ExpectancyYes
3-8HealthIndigenous Chronic Disease RatesYes
4-1Department of the Legislative AssemblyTravel ReportsYes
5-1Housing & Community DevelopmentFunding for Solar BatteriesYes
5-2Housing & Community DevelopmentShire Indigenous EmploymentYes
5-3Housing & Community DevelopmentEmployment StatisticsYes
5-4Housing & Community DevelopmentHousing Maintenance OfficersYes
5-5Housing & Community DevelopmentLocal Government Road ResponsibilitiesYes
5-6Housing & Community DevelopmentTown Camps Municipal RatesYes
6-1Primary Industry & ResourcesInternational Travel by Public ServantsYes
7-1Environment & Natural ResourcesPollution of Homelands by FishermenYes
7-2Aboriginal Areas Protection AuthorityTravel ExpenditureYes
7-3Tourism & CultureTravel ExpenditureYes
7-4Tourism & CultureOutcomes and Performance Indicators for Sports and RecreationYes
7-5Tourism & CultureSports VouchersYes
7-6Tourism & CultureSports Voucher Statistics Yes
7-7Tourism & CultureArafura GamesYes
8-1EducationTeacher Training ScholarshipsYes
8-2EducationChief Executive Travel ExpenditureYes
8-3EducationPublic Servant International TravelYes
8-4EducationNumber of Direct Instruction CoachesYes
9-1Territory FamiliesYouth Officer RecruitmentYes
9-2Territory FamiliesAboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Senior Management RolesYes
Last updated: 18 Jul 2018