Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

6th Assembly Inquiries

Committee inquiries undertaken during the 6th Assembly

Constitutional DevelopmentConstitutional DevelopmentMultiple Reports
Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the CommunityThe Operation and Effect of Part VIII "Restricted Areas" of the Liquor ActReport Tabled
December 1993
Public AccountsThe Purchase, Operation and Sale of Dalway Pty LtdReport Tabled
February 1993
New Parliament HouseParliamentary PrecinctsReport Tabled
May 1992
Public Accounts1990 Election CostsReport Tabled
November 1991
PrivilegesItem in the 6.30 pm News on Channel 8Report Tabled
October 1991 
PrivilegesLegislative Assembly (Powers and Privileges) ActReport Tabled
October 1991
Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the CommunityMeasures fro Reducing Alcohol Use and Abuse in the Northern TerritoryReport Tabled
August 1991
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