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Tobacco Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

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On 23 August 2018 the Legislative Assembly referred the Tobacco Control Amendment Bill 2018 to the Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee for inquiry and report in accordance with clause (4)(c) of the Committee’s Terms  of Reference by 27 November 2018.


Report Tabled

Key Documents

Tobacco Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (Serial 56)
Tobacco Control Act
Tobacco Control Regulations
Explanatory Statement
Statement of Compatibility with Human Rights


Submission No. 1 - Menzies School of Health Research
Submission No. 2 - Northern Territory Primary Health Network
Submission No. 3 - Association of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies NT 
Submission No. 4 - Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Submission No. 5 - Australian Council on Smoking and Health
Submission No. 6 - Australian Taxpayers' Alliance
Submission No. 7 - Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association
Submission No. 8 - Heart Foundation NT
Submission No.9 - Director-General of Licensing
Submission No. 10 - New Nicotine Alliance Australia
Submission No. 11 - Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT
Submission No. 12 - Cancer Council NT
Submission No. 13 - NT Department of Health
Submission No. 14 - Public Health Association of Australia
Submission No. 15 - Vapourholics

Tabled Papers

Minister for Health - Response to Committee's queries - 29 October 2018


Inquiry into the Tobacco Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
Associated Minutes of Proceedings 


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Committee Secretary
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