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Inquiry into Local Decision Making

Membership - Terms of Reference - Submissions


Mr Joel Bowden MLA   JohnstonTerritory Labor
Mr Lawrence Costa MLAArafuraTerritory Labor
Mrs Robyn Lambley MLAAraluenIndependent
Mr Mark Monaghan MLAFong LimTerritory Labor
Mr Bill Yan MLANamatjiraCountry Liberals
Mr Yingiya Mark Guyula MLA**MulkaIndependent

** Mr Guyula is not a member of the Public Accounts Committee, however, on 12 May 2021 the Assembly resolved that:
Standing Order 193 (2) is suspended insofar as it would otherwise prevent the Member for Mulka attending the Public Accounts Committee’s deliberative or in camera meetings regarding any inquiry into Local Decision Making or related matters.

Terms of Reference

The Public Accounts Committee will inquire into and report on the implementation and future of the Local Decision Making (LDM) Framework, having particular regard to:

  1. the progress, achievements, challenges and future potential of LDM implementation across the Northern Territory.
  2. how to foster community and leadership interest in and commitment to new LDM agreements.
  3. the impact of technology, Treaty, Truth-Telling and Voice on LDM development.


Submissions due by 13 August 2021


Mr Russell Keith
First Clerk Assistant and Committee Secretary
GPO Box 3721
Telephone: (08) 8946 1480

Last updated: 11 Jun 2021