Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

5th Assembly Inquiries

Committee inquiries undertaken during the 5th Assembly

Constitutional DevelopmentConstitutional DevelopmentMultiple Reports
Public AccountsAero-Medical ContractReport Tabled
May 1989 
PrivilegesItem on the 6.30 pm News on Channel 8Report Tabled
May 1989 
New Parliament HouseProposed Interim Accommodation for the Northern Territory ParliamentReport Tabled
May 1989
New Parliament HouseProposed Conceptual Plans for  New Parliament House in State SquareReport Tabled
February 1989
Public AccountsPublic Administration Recurrent ExpenditureReport Tabled
October 1988
Public AccountsActual and Contingent Liabilities of the Northern Territory GovernmentReport Tabled
November 1987
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