Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Fire Station – South Darwin


11th Assembly


89. Fire Station – South Darwin

Ms Purick to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

      In regard to the proposed new fire station to service the growing residential needs south of Darwin and the increasing industrial base at the Business Park and the East Arm Port activities:
    1. What “planning work’ has been undertaken in regard to the proposed new fire station as advised in a media statement of 28th April 2009?
    2. Is there an interdepartmental committee undertaking the work and if so, what agencies are involved?
    3. What is the total cost of the new station?
    4. How much land does a new fire station require for the station and support services and any other associated buildings?
    5. For the proposed new fire station, have any consultancies been put out to tender for any research work and if so for what work and what cost for each consultancy?
    6. How many sites have been considered for a new station and what is their location?
    7. What planning work has been undertaken in regard to traffic management plans and for which of the identified sites?
    8. Of the sites identified as being prospective sites, does any site require a re-zoning application before the Development Consent Authority?
    9. If a site on Tivendale Road has been identified, what work has been undertaken in regard to traffic management?
    10. If a site on Tivendale Road is a preferred site, what will be the cost to install traffic control signals at the intersection of the Stuart Highway and Tivendale Road to allow the emergency vehicles to access the highway safely and expeditiously?
    11. Does the access from any of the proposed sites mean the emergency vehicles have to cross the railway line and if so how many times and at which locations?


Answered on 17/09/2010

Last updated: 04 Aug 2016