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Land Release Strategy - Alice Springs


10th Assembly


272. Land Release Strategy - Alice Springs

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Planning and Lands


    With reference to your recent statement about the Government having a ‘Land Release Strategy’ for Alice Springs -

    (1) Will you provide the Member for Araluen with a copy of the strategy and; if not, why not.


Answered on 12/05/2008

The Alice Springs Land Use Framework, contained in the 2007 NT Planning Scheme guides the release of Crown land and privately owned land for residential and other development in the town.

A copy of the Planning Scheme may be found at:

Government is undertaking an examination of future growth options for Alice Springs, leading to a review of the Framework. A public forum, at which the options will be presented as the first stage of public consultation, is scheduled for 5 June 2008.
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