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Port of Darwin

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Terms of Reference

1. A Select Committee on the Port of Darwin be appointed. 

2. The Committee shall inquire into and report on the Port of Darwin lease model proposed in the Port of Darwin Bill 2014 (serial 111) and recommend options to enhance the model to ensure that the chosen partner:
(a) has a vision for growth and development of the port which is aligned to that of the NT Government;
(b) is required to charge realistic and competitive pricing that promotes  business and economic development; and
(c) has work practices and processes which represent international best practice in the areas of  safety, environmental and operational efficiency.

3. In consideration of these matters, the Committee should:
(a) consider the case for bringing private sector funding to develop the Port
(b) consider best practice models for maintaining positive government/private sector partnering in lease arrangements;
(c) consider existing Northern Territory public/private partnerships;
(d) balance the commercial drivers for a private operator against NT Government objectives from a long term lease to the private sector;(e) consider the structure, duration and timing of proposed lease agreements, including how the lease terms can be structured to provide the necessary certainty to any potential operator while retaining the Government’s ability consider the operator’s performance; and
(f) consider mechanisms for the NT Government to receive ongoing financial returns over the duration of the lease while continuing to motivate the private sector partner to continue to invest in and grow business through the Port.

4. The Committee’s membership shall comprise Mr Barrett, Mrs Lia Finocchiaro, Mr Gunner and Mr Wood, and Mr Barrett shall be the Chair.

5. The Committee may elect a Deputy Chair of the Committee, who may act as the Chair when the Chair is absent from a meeting or there is no Chair of the Committee.

6. A quorum of the Committee shall be two members of the Committee.

7. The committee is to report by 27 April 2015.

8. The provisions of this resolution, insofar as they are inconsistent with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders.

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Media Releases

Call for Submissions by 6 March 2015
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Public Hearings on 31 March 2015 and 1 April 2015
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Public Hearing 31 March 2015
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Port of Darwin Lease Model

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