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Committee on the Northern Territory's Energy Future

The function of the Sessional Committee on the Northern Territory’s Energy Future is to inquire into and report on issues relating to the Northern Territory’s future demands and supply of energy. 

Terms of ReferenceInquiries 

Terms of Reference

On 21 August 2013 the Assembly resolved that:

1.  A Sessional Committee to be known as the Committee on the Northern Territory’s Energy Future be appointed.

2.  The Committee’s membership to comprise three Government Members, two Opposition Members and one Independent Member.

3.  The Committee shall elect a Government Member as Chair.

4.  The Committee may elect a Deputy Chair of the Committee, who may act as the Chair when the Chair is absent from a meeting or there is no Chair of the Committee.

5.  A quorum of the Committee shall be three members of the Committee.

6.  The Committee shall inquire into, report from time to time and make recommendations regarding:

       (i)    the Territory’s current energy capability;

       (ii)   the Territory’s probable and proven energy capability;

       (iii)  the prospect for additional energy resources;

       (iv)  the future energy needs of the Territory and the continuity of supply;

       (v)   the most cost effective means of meeting the Territory’s energy needs;

       (vi)  regulatory impacts on the cost of energy insofar as these can be reasonably ascertained.

       (vii) alternative sources of energy supply available to the Territory, including oil, gas, coal,                    uranium, and the renewable energy sources such as hot rock, solar, biofuels, wind and tidal energy.       

       (viii) emerging technologies and their applicability to the Northern Territory.

7.   The Committee will give priority to its terms of reference insofar as they apply to onshore energy resources.

8.   The Committee may appoint subcommittees comprising two or more of its members and refer to any such subcommittee any matter which the committee may examine, and the quorum of a subcommittee shall be two.

9.   The provisions of this resolution, insofar as they are inconsistent with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders.


The Committee completed two inquiries during the 12th Assembly.

Inquiry into Electricity Pricing Options

Inquiry into Key Challenges and Opportunities

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