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Inquiry into Taxi Licensing and Subleasing

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Terms of Reference

  1. That the Assembly refers to the Public Accounts Committee for inquiry and report the efficiency, effectiveness and probity of the regulation and licensing of the Northern Territory Taxi industry, having particular regard to:
    1. the allocation of taxi licenses by the Department of Transport
    2. the sub-leasing of taxi licenses
    3. the future of the taxi industry in the Northern Territory
  2. This resolution has effect despite any inconsistency with the Standing Orders.

Terms of Reference

Media Releases

Report Tabled
Public Hearings
Call for Submissions


On Tuesday 9 May 2017, the Committee resolved to extend the Submissions Due Date to Friday 2 June 2017.

On Thursday 6 July 2017, the Committee authorised the publication of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics' submission to the inquiry into taxi licensing and subleasing excluding appendices D and F which remain confidential and include a note to Appendix E, Policy 5.20 Authority to Allocate Licences Under Certain Conditions, advising that the Policy was only in place during the 2015 Commercial Passenger Industry Review and was withdrawn following the completion of the review in February 2016.

Submission No. 15 - Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Appendix A(i). Come along for the Ride - Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Review Report, DIPL February 2014-2016
Appendix A(ii). Commercial Passenger Vehicle Review – Fivenines Consulting PTY Ltd, February 2008-2010 
Appendix A(iii). The Impact of Deregulation on the Northern Territory Taxi Industry - Professor Des Nicholls, Australian National University, February 2003
Appendix A(iv). Review of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Discussion Paper,  Department of Infrastructure Planning and Environment, May 2002
Appendix A(v). Taxi Number Assessment in Darwin and Alice Springs – Ernst & Young, May 1996
Appendix B(i). Competition and the Public Interest - Gary Banks - Productivity Commission 2001 
Appendix B(ii). Competition Policy Review - Final Report - Professor Ian Harper, Peter Anderson, Su McCluskey, Michael O'Bryan, March 2015
Appendix B(iii). Customers First: Safety, Service, Choice - Taxi Industry Inquiry Final Report - Professor Allen Fels AO,  September 2012
Appendix C. Commercial Passenger Vehicle Board Annual Reports 2002-13 
Appendix E. Policy 5.20 - Authority to Directly Allocate Taxi Licences Under Certain Conditions 
Appendix G(i). Commercial Vehicle Information Bulletin: CPV03 - Fit and Proper Assessments and Disqualifying Offences for the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry
Appendix G(ii). Commercial Vehicle Information Bulletin CPV09 –Taxi Licence 
Appendix G(iii). Commercial Vehicle Information Bulletin CPV10 - Multi Purpose Taxi (MPT) Licence

Public Hearings

Alice Springs Public Hearing Schedule 20 July 2017
Alice Springs Public Hearing Transcript 20 July 2017

Darwin Public Hearing Schedule 24 July 2017
Darwin Public Hearing Transcript 24 July 2017


Inquiry into Taxi Licensing and Subleasing
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