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Public Hearings on COVID-19 and Territory Finances

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On 24 April 2020 the Legislative Assembly resolved that the Public Accounts Committee convene on the last Thursday of each month to hold a hearing with the Security and Emergency Management Sub Committee of Cabinet and the Under Treasurer.

Assembly Resolution
Terms of Reference for the Public Accounts Committee


Mrs Kate Worden MLA (Chair)SandersonTerritory Labor
Mr Terry Mills MLA (Deputy Chair)BlainTerritory Alliance
Mr Lawrence Costa MLAArafuraTerritory Labor
Mr Gary Higgins MLADalyCountry Liberal Party
Mr Tony Sievers MLABrennanTerritory Labor
Mr Gerry Wood MLANelsonIndependent

Public Hearings

Public Hearing - 30 April 2020
Public Hearing Transcript - 30 April 2020

Public Hearing - 28 May 2020
Public Hearing Transcript - 28 May 2020

Public Hearing - 18 June 2020
Public Hearing Transcript - 18 June 2020

Public Hearing - 23 July 2020
Public Hearing Transcript - 23 July 2020

Tabled Papers

Tabled Paper 1.1 - Excursion Application

Questions Taken on Notice

1-1School excursion formYes
1-2Business Improvement GrantsYes
1-3COVID-19 direct spendingYes
1-4COVID-19 indirect costsYes
1-5Funding for COVID-19Yes
1-6Borrowing programYes
1-7Economic modellingYes
1-8Forgone revenueYes


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