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House Committee

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The role of the House Committee is to  advise the Speaker on matters relating to Parliament House, the Parliamentary precinct and services to Members.


Mr Joel Bowden MLA (Deputy Chair)JohnstonTerritory Labor
Mrs Jo Hersey MLAKatherineCountry Liberals
Mrs Robyn Lambley MLAAraluenIndependent
Hon Mark Monaghan MLA (Chair)Fong LimTerritory Labor
Mr Dheran Young MLADalyTerritory Labor

Terms of Reference

Standing Order 175

  1. A House Committee must be appointed at the commencement of each Assembly to advise the Speaker on matters relating to the operation of Parliament House and its precincts including:

    a. building operations
    b. repairs, renewals, and alterations to the Parliament House and all fittings and furniture
    c. information technology services for the Assembly and Members
    d. the library services provided to the Assembly and Members
    e. allocation of rooms
    f. catering for Parliament
    g. maintenance and upkeep of gardens, parking areas and associated roadways, and
    h. any other matter referred to it by the Speaker or the Assembly.

  2. The committee will consist of the Speaker and four other Members

Report to the Assembly on a Proposal for Members to be Permitted to use Provided Beverage Containers in the Chamber - November 2020


Mr Russell Keith
Acting Deputy Clerk
Telephone: (08) 8946 1429

Last updated: 23 Aug 2022