Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

10th Assembly Inquiries

Committee inquiries undertaken during the 10th Assembly

Sport and YouthDelivery of Sporting Programs for the Territory's YouthReport Tabled
October 2008
Public Accounts CommitteeSpecific Purpose Payments from the Commonwealth to the Northern TerritoryReport Tabled
June 2008
Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentInvasive Species and Management Programs in the Northern TerritoryReport Tabled
May 2008
Substance Abuse in the CommunitySubstance Abuse in Remote CommunitiesReport Tabled
October 2007
Standing OrdersStanding Orders and Orders Relating to CommitteesReport Tabled
February 2006
Standing OrdersRoutine of Business and Related Orders and Acting SpeakerReport Tabled
October 2005
Standing OrdersAmendments to Ministerial Reports and to Quorums for CommitteesReport Tabled
August 2005
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