Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Indigenous Policy and Reporting


10th Assembly


14. Indigenous Policy and Reporting

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Indigenous Affairs

Indigenous Policy and Reporting

1. Could you please give an insight as to what is happening in the area of Indigenous policy.
2. How many staff are currently employed to carry out the functions of Indigenous Policy.
3. What was the staffing level at 1 July 2004.
4. Can you please detail the positions allocated in Indigenous Policy.
5. Detail expenditure for the area of Indigenous Policy on reports produced that have either been outsourced or produced internally including:
      (a) what was the purpose of the reports;
      (b) who or what organisation prepared the reports;
      (c) what was the cost of the reports;
      (d) has the report/reports been tabled in Parliament; and
      (e) what has been the outcome of those reports.


Answered on 06/01/2006

1. Please see the Department of the Chief Minister Annual Report 2004/05.

2. The Office of Indigenous Policy employs 8 staff (one on secondment from the Department of Local Government Housing and Sport, and one on secondment from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet).

3. As at 1 July 2004, the staffing level was 7 staff. This has been subsequently augmented by the secondment of an officer from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

4. The positions are as follows:

Executive Director (ECO3)
Deputy Director (ECO1)
Principal Policy Adviser (x 2) (ECO1)
Intergovernmental Relations Officer (EL1 – Australian Government Officer)
Either Policy Officer (AO7)/ Senior Policy Officer (AO8) (depending on qualifications and experience)
Either Research and Policy Officer (AO5)/ Senior Research and Policy Officer (AO6) (depending on qualifications and experience)
Administrative Support Officer (AO4)

5. No reports as such were produced in 2004-05.
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