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Women's Advancement - Grants


10th Assembly


73. Women's Advancement - Grants

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Women's Advancement - Grants

1. Could you please provide a list of all the grants given under the heading of Women’s Advancement.


Answered on 19/05/2006

For the 2004-05 financial year a total of $25,896 was paid in grants by the Office of Women’s Policy.

Chief Minister’s Study Award
The Award enables two territory women to commence studies each year at tertiary and vocational levels and is paid throughout the course of study. Payments in 2004-05 were:

Alice Springs
    Ms Frances Turner
Tertiary Study Award
    Ms Anna Montgomery
Vocational Study Award

Ms Raelene Ann Rosas Tertiary Study Award$3,500
    Ms Renae Mc Gavrie
Tertiary Study Award

Ms Sarah J DebneyTertiary Study Award$3,400
Community Engagement: Women’s Priorities
The Office of Women’s Policy supports activities that address priority issues identified by women and encourage women’s participation and leadership. The following were paid in 2004-05:

Alice Springs
    Central Land Council
Contribution to Indigenous Women’s Meeting
    Walpiri Media Association
Sexual Assault Video

Brunette Downs Women’s Days Contribution to women’s gatherings$3,000
    Family Planning Welfare Association
World Refugee Day
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