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Territory Tourism Matters


11th Assembly


113. Territory Tourism Matters

Mr Tollner to MINISTER for Tourism

    International Area Market
      1. For each international area (country) market in 2009;
          (a) how much was expended on advertising in that country;

          (b) how many visitors from each country;

          (c) what is the average expenditure of these visitors on fares, accommodation and all other expenditure;

          (d) how many overseas offices have been established and where are they; and
            (e) what is the annual cost of each overseas office.

        Interstate Market
        2. For each interstate market in 2009;
            (a) how many visitors were there from each state;

            (b) what is the average expenditure of these visitors on fares, accommodation and all other expenditure;
            (c) how many interstate offices have been established;

            (d) what is the annual cost of each interstate office;
            (e) what programs have been undertaken in relation to advertising parks in the Northern Territory, internationally, nationally and locally; and

            (f) what was the expense of each advertising program.

        Regional Tourism Activities and Bodies
          3. In relation to regional activities;
              (a) how many groups and organisations receive support from the Northern Territory government for tourism advertising and content development within the NT;

              (b) in 2009, what financial resources had been provided, to whom and individually what were the amounts; and

              (c) what will be provided to regional tourism bodies under a centralized umbrella system.

          Territory Connections
            4. In relation to Territory Connections;
                (a) in 2009, what financial or other contribution did the NT government provide;

                (b) how many visitors to the NT are attributed to the work of Territory Connections;

                (c) what accommodation and content packages are they operating in the Territory; and

                (d) what comparison has been made between Territory Connections and other commercial suppliers in terms of visitor numbers and content available

            Tourist Numbers
              5. In relation to tourist numbers:
                  (a) for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, what are the overall numbers of visitors;

                  (b) what are the tourist number projections for 2010 and 2011; and

                  (c) for 2009, what is the split of business and tourism numbers into each of the regions.

              Visitor Traffic re Northern Territory Emergency Response
                6. In relation to visitor traffic and the Northern Territory Emergency Response;
                    (a) have figures been obtained in relation to the number of nights of commercial accommodation taken up by persons engaged in the Emergency Response;

                    (b) what is the increase in visitor numbers attributable to the NTER; and

                    (c) what is the amount of expenditure on accommodation and other expenses attributable to the NTER, by regional centre if available.

                Additional Air Capacity
                  7. In relation to attracting additional air capacity;
                      (a) what support has been provided to Jetstar and Tiger and other airlines in regard to attracting or maintaining flight capacity into the Northern Territory in 2008, 2009 or is budgeted for in 2010;

                      (b) how has that support been provided;

                      (c) what is the amount of that support; and

                      (d) had any expenditure been made in 2008, 2009 or 2010 in relation to negotiations with any airline that does not currently provide a regular service to the Northern Territory. If so, whom, and what was the expenditure.
                  8. In relation to air capacity as of 1 April 2010;
                      (a) how many airline seats are available on a weekly basis for domestic inbound and international inbound passengers;

                      (b) what is the proportion of seats available, by site of departure (eg Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, etc); and

                      (c) what proportion of inbound seat capacity are business class, economy and discount economy.

                  Costs to Tourists for Accommodation
                    9. In relation to the cost to tourists;

                        (a) what is the average annual cost of accommodation per night per person in Alice Springs, Katherine, and Darwin.
                      Tourism Advertising Programs

                      10. In relation to Tourism advertising programs;
                          (a) how many claims were made under the Tell 20 campaign; and

                          (b) what was the cost of the Tell 20 campaign.


                    Answered on 17/05/2010
                      The task of preparing detailed answers to the questions you have raised is significant and will take some time. To meet the thirty day response timeline would fully occupy personnel within the department for some time and would take them away from priority projects as we lead into the busiest period of the year.

                      In addition, information on many of the questions you have raised is available through the Tourism NT website.

                      However, your request has been forwarded to the department and a more comprehensive response to your questions will be provided in due course.

                      I would be pleased to offer the alternative option of a full personal briefing at your convenience with senior Tourism NT staff to provide you with the information you have requested. This can be arranged by contacting my office on 89014072.
                    Last updated: 04 Aug 2016