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Women's Advancement - Reports


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68. Women's Advancement - Reports

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Women's Advancement - Reports

1. Detail expenditure for Women’s Advancement on reports produced that have been either outsourced or produced internally including:
a. What was the purpose of the reports.
b. Who or what organisation prepared the reports.
c. What was the cost of the report.
d. Has the report or reports been tabled in Parliament; and
e. What has been the outcome of those reports.


Answered on 06/01/2006

1. This answer assumes the question is directed to reports produced in 2004-2005 financial year. One report was produced for Women’s Advancement in 2004-2005, “Review of Employment and Industrial Relations Advisory Services to Working Women in The Northern Territory”.

a. The report reported on a review of the provision of support, advocacy, legal and other services to working women in the Northern Territory including those employed under Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) taking into account the Northern Territory’s unique population and geography.
b. The report was prepared by the Office of Women’s Policy. The methodology included a service mapping exercise and consultation with 46 organisations throughout the Northern Territory via phone or in person. All Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal legal aid services were consulted via survey as were women employed under CDEP and the Darwin Regional CDEP grantee organisation.
c. The Project Officer employed to carry out the review was paid a total of $19,424.72. All other costs associated with this report are part of the operational costs for the Office of Women’s Policy.
d. The report has not been tabled in Parliament.
e. The report findings have been forwarded to the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment and the Department of Employment, Education and Training, both Departments having responsibility for employment matters. The report has also been forwarded to the Working Women’s Centre and the results were taken into consideration in considering a funding request for recurrent funding from the Working Women’s Centre.
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