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Tourism Industry Investment


10th Assembly


96. Tourism Industry Investment

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Tourism Industry Investment

1. What has been done to encourage investment in tourism infrastructure, and the establishment of new product in the Territory.


Answered on 23/11/2005

A multi-pronged approach is being taken to encourage investment in tourism infrastructure and the establishment of new product in the Territory including:-


Development of a dedicated brochure to communicate opportunities and elicit interest prepared by the Office of Territory Development titled "Tourism Infrastructure: Building strategic infrastructure to underpin investment in Territory tourism":

The publication informs of the Government's strategic approach which is based on three key elements - providing the tourism infrastructure required to make Northern Territory destinations more accessible and attractive to visitors; leveraging off this tourism infrastructure to attract private sector investment in the tourism industry; and increasing national and international marketing efforts to build the Northern Territory tourism brand.


Undertaking dedicated research in partnership with Charles Darwin University to identify product gaps in the current marketplace to inform decisions about investments. The outcomes of the project will allow the NTTC and other public sector agencies with an interest in investment and product development decisions to identify what it is that public sector can do to stimulate investment in a range of target sectors and product types.

Financial Contribution

Support of up to $500,000 will be provided for the development of Wildman River Resort to assist with expenses associated with developing power, water, sewerage and road infrastructure.


Centralising tourism infrastructure development functions under the umbrella of the new Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development in order to streamline activities and leverage synergies to provide an improved focus on such development.
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