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Geological Survey Division


11th Assembly


100. Geological Survey Division

Mr Westra van Holthe to MINISTER for Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources


    In relation to the Geological Survey division, in 2009:
      1. How many gravimetric, radiometric and other survey projects were undertaken by the Northern Territory Geological Survey division.

      2. What was the cost of each survey.
        3. How many physical exploration (including ground based inspection, mapping and drilling activities) programs were undertaken by the Northern Territory Geological Survey division.

        4. What was the cost of each exploration program.


      Answered on 28/05/2010


      In relation to the Geologicial Survey division, in 2009:

      1. The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) division undertook two geophysical surveys during the 2009 calendar year. The first was the Barkly Gravity Survey, in which over 10 000 gravity stations were collected over 156 000 km2 in the Barkly Region, east and north-east of Tennant Creek. The second was the Georgina-Arunta seismic survey east of Alice Springs, which was managed and largely funded by Geoscience Australia but to which NTGS made a financial contribution to extend the survey.

      2. The total cost of the Barkly Gravity Survey was $763 962 and NTGS’ contribution to the Georgina-Arunta Seismic Survey was $100 000.

      3. NTGS undertook five field-based regional geoscience programs during 2009.

      4. The direct operational costs of these programs in 2009 were:
      (1) Arunta East ($67 062)
      (2) Arunta Central ($38 355)
      (3) Pine Creek ($55 626)
      (4) Murphy ($13 007)
      (5) National Geochemical Survey ($53 446)

      The combined operational cost of land access and Indigenous engagement activities for these field-based projects was an additional $58 989.
      Last updated: 04 Aug 2016