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Swimming Pool in Litchfield Shire


11th Assembly


33. Swimming Pool in Litchfield Shire

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Local Government

    In the Budget papers for this year there was an entry on page 42 of the 2008/9 Budget Initiatives under the 2007/8 column titled ‘Contribution towards a new swimming pool in Litchfield Shire’:

    1. Could you please say who else has the Government asked to contribute to the pool as by saying ‘towards’ it is implied that other parties would contribute.

    2. If the Litchfield Council was one of those parties the Government expected to contribute, has the Government made any formal request to the Council for a contribution.

    3. If so, how was that request made.

    4. Is it true that just before the election, Council asked the previous member for Goyder at a council meeting for a letter from the Chief Minister for details about the pool and that there has been no response to that request.

    5. Did the Government do a feasibility study of the pool and if so has it been completed and is that study available to the public.


Answered on 05/12/2008

    1. The Government has not requested other parties to contribute to the cost of constructing the pool.
    2. The Government has made no formal request to date to the Litchfield Shire Council for a financial contribution towards the cost of the pool. The Department is however waiting for a submission from the YMCA seeking funding to undertake a feasibility study regarding the proposed pool and associated facilities. When this study is completed it is anticipated that the Litchfield Shire Council will be approached with regard to becoming a partner in the proposed development.
    3. Not applicable
    4. I am not aware of any request from the Council to the former Member for Goyder for a letter from the Chief Ministerseeking details about the pool. This is a matter that needs to be pursued with the Litchfield Shire Council.
    The Government has requested that the YMCA undertake a formal feasibility study of the pool and associated facilities. The Department of Local Government & Housing is currently awaiting a funding submission from the YMCA. This study will be undertaken in the near
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