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Darwin Port Corporation


11th Assembly


98. Darwin Port Corporation

Mr Giles to MINISTER for Construction

    1. In relation to the Darwin Port Corporation, in the 2009/10 Northern Territory Budget, approximately $11.118M has been allocated for the purchase of goods and services:
        (a) Who were the Top 20 suppliers, by dollar value, to the corporation in 2008/09; and
        (b) By dollar value, what are the Top 20 items that have been costed as goods and services in 2009/10.

    2. In relation to the Darwin Port Corporation, for the period 1 July 2009 to 1 April 2010:
        (a) How many employees undertook overseas travel;

        (b) What journeys were undertaken, and what was the purpose for each journey; and

        (c) How much was spent on overseas travel, in the component areas of travel, accommodation and other costs.


Answered on 19/05/2010
    Answer to Written Question No. 98 – Darwin Port Corporation
      This question requires a significant amount of effort by the agency to produce an answer that would provide the detail requested.

      The Darwin Port Corporation is currently involved in a lot of preparatory work for Estimates Committee hearings and in doing so will be collating information similar to that which has been requested.

      In order to avoid unnecessary pressure and duplication by the public servants who have to provide this information, I will be prepared to answer these questions in further detail at Estimates Committee.
    Last updated: 04 Aug 2016