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NT Tender D10-0456


11th Assembly


205. NT Tender D10-0456

Mr Giles to MINISTER for Business and Employment

    In relation to the Northern Territory Government tender D10-0456 which was for the supply delivery installation and commissioning of Polycom Video Conferencing Core Infrastructure with Maintenance for 36 months:

    1. Would you please detail what the specific deliverables were for this contract including the numbers and location of equipment.

    2. Would you also please detail who the previous contractor was; the performance of the previous contractor; the targets that they achieved against the requirements of the previous contract; and what has happened with the previous equipment which is being replaced.

    3. What is the breakdown in the cost structure of all equipment to be supplied, delivered and installed and a breakdown of individual costs for each item.


Answered on 15/02/2011

Last updated: 04 Aug 2016