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International Territory Business Centres


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117. International Territory Business Centres

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Business and Economic Development

International Territory Business Centres

1. What are the costs of the 3 international territory business centres.
2. How many people do they see per day.
3. How many new trade opportunities have they secured.
4. How many new trade agreements were signed last year, 2004/2005; and the year before, 2003/2004.


Answered on 06/02/2006

The Northern Territory Government currently manages three representative offices – in Jakarta (Indonesia), (Manila) the Philippines, and (Dili) East Timor. All three offices are now the responsibility of the Department of the Chief Minister.

Drs Frans Seda is based in Jakarta, Drs Budi Haliman is a consultant to Drs Seda.
Mr and Mrs Charles and Violy Searby are based in Manila.
Mr Mike Gallagher is the Northern Territory representative in Dili.
The representatives in Jakarta and Manila are employed under contract while the Dili representative is under a direct controlled arrangement through the Department of the Chief Minister.

The representatives and their offices are valuable in fostering the Territory’s trade, social and economic links with the national and regional governments, as well as facilitating trade and investment opportunities in those countries. The Northern Territory international offices provide the following services:

1. Official representation of the Northern Territory in the above-mentioned countries (including an office facility).
2. Assist with obtaining access to key government and business people, as well as to provide strategic and general information.
3. Identify and assist in the development of trade and investment opportunities for Territory businesses. (This has resulted in a number of NT businesses having success in Indonesia and the Philippines).
4. Provide support for Territory business delegations, promotions and trade events.
5. Assist with approvals for country entry and other such processes.
6. Identify and engage experts for specialised tasks.
7. Provide regular reports of activities and outcomes in those countries.
8. Act as liaison between Australian diplomatic and trade staff or government officials as required.

Some recent examples of the assistance provided by the representative offices are as follows:

Indonesia Representative Office
Assistance with the Chief Minister’s visit to Indonesia.
Facilitate meetings at senior levels in the Indonesian government for the proposed Memorandum of Cooperation on the Abadi field.
Assistance in the Senior Trade Official meetings in Indonesia, and is instrumental in guiding discussion on cattle and buffalo protocols.

The Philippines Representative Office
Continue with work on the reintroduction of cattle programs in the Philippines.
Worked with Territory businesses dealing in small goods, building products to education providers, by introducing Territory firms to business opportunities in those areas.
Provide information on trade opportunities for Territory businesses regularly.
Promote the new mining laws in the Philippines for Territory companies.
Provide support for Northern Territory participation in BIMP EAGA activities such as trade events, marketing visits and political contacts.

The costs of the offices are as follows:
Total expenses for the East Timor office for the FY 2004-05 amounted to $231 144.
The cost for the representative offices in Indonesia and the Philippines amounted to $278 000, for the same period.

No specific trade agreements as such have been signed in the 2003-04 and 2004-05 years, however a Friendship Province Agreement was entered into as an extension of a previous agreement with the Anhui Province of the People’s Republic of China on 29 October 2004 and this agreement includes reference to trade.
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