Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Basketball Canteen and Administration Facility


10th Assembly


131. Basketball Canteen and Administration Facility

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Sport and Recreation

Basketball Canteen and Administration Facility

1. On the matter of basketball’s new air-conditioned facility. Why didn’t Government complete the canteen and administration facility.


Answered on 06/04/2006

The original brief was for a project budget of $4.3m, being $3.0m from Government and $1.3m from Darwin Basketball Association (DBA).

DBA’s commitment was later reduced to $1.0m, due in part to a reduction in income from the Casuarina Club.

This reduction in budget, combined with unexpected additional costs in construction required some cost-cutting. In discussing the options with DBA, it was agreed that completion of the stadium itself was paramount and deletion of the administration building entirely was considered. Ultimately it was agreed that construction of the administration building would proceed but not the fit-out. This includes the kiosk, which is part of the administration building.
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016