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Office Staffing


10th Assembly


51. Office Staffing

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Office Staffing

1. How many staff are currently employed in your Ministerial Office?
2. What was your Office staffing level at July1 2004?
3. Detail the positions allocated in your office?
4. How many staff are employed by you in Alice Springs?
5. Detail the positions
6. Are any staff employed under the Office of the Chief Minister in any other Territory centres? If so where and how many?
7. How many positions in the Office of the Chief Minister are secondments from departments that are not on your books; that are paid for by the departments they were seconded from?


Answered on 26/02/2007
    1. A total of 25 staff were employed as at 31 August 2005. This didn’t include staff within the Office of Central Australia, which are detailed at questions 4 and 5.

    2. The Office staffing level at 1 July 2004 was 25.

    3. Positions allocated within my Office as at 31 August 2005 were as follows;

    Position Title
    Chief of Staff
    Senior Ministerial Adviser x 2
    Ministerial Adviser x 5
    Head of Media Office
    Media Adviser
    Media Assistant x 3
    Head of Communications & Research
    Communications & Research Officer

      Office Manager
      Personal Secretary to Chief Minister
      Personal Secretary to Chief of Staff
      Senior Ministerial Assistant
      Ministerial Assistant x 3
      Administration Officer x 2
      Media/ Administrative Assistant

    4. A total of 6 staff were employed in Alice Springs as at 31 August 2005.

    5. Positions allocated within the Alice Springs Office o Central Australia were as follows;

    Position Title
    Ministerial Adviser x 3
    Ministerial Officer
    Administrative Officer x 2

      6. There are no staff employed in any other Territory centres.

      7. There was one position on secondment from the NT Tourist Commission as at 31 August 2005.

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