Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Advertising/Information Campaigns


11th Assembly


60. Advertising/Information Campaigns

Mr Westra Van Holthe to MINISTER for Housing

    For the years 2007, 2008 and 2009:

    1. What advertising or information campaigns have been undertaken by the Ministerial portfolio. Please provide the name of each campaign and which companies were engaged to undertake the work.

    2. What was the cost of each of these campaigns.

    3. Please advise the months in which the expenditure occurred, the medium that was used for the campaign (TV, Leaflet, Radio) and the amount spent on each medium.

    4. What market or other research was under taken ahead of each campaign, who conducted it, at what cost and when was it undertaken.


Answered on 19/10/2009

Attachment A refers.
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