Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Alice Springs, Dry Town Status


10th Assembly


270. Alice Springs, Dry Town Status

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Alcohol Policy


With reference to the "Dry Town" status of Alice Springs:

(1) Did you say, in relation to the dry town status of Alice Springs, in the Legislative Assembly on 29 November 2007 that:
      “Police have the responsibility of administering rules and new laws.”.

    (2) Despite early encouraging signs, is the "Dry Town" now at risk of being a failure.

    (3) Given your comments about Police having the responsibility of administering the rule and new laws -
        (a) can you advise whether the new laws are working adequately; and
        (b) whether more Police would assist in any event and; if not, why not.


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Last updated: 04 Aug 2016