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Police Patrols on Chandler Circuit, Humpty Doo

9th Assembly


6. Police Patrols on Chandler Circuit, Humpty Doo

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Police Fire and Emergency Services

      Minister, I have recently been approached by several rural residents who live in the Humpty Doo region who were concerned about the lack of a police presence particularly on Chandler Circuit.

      Would you kindly advise the following : -
1. A summary of the scheduled patrols which have been occurring in the Humpty Doo region particularly along Chandler Circuit and in the area adjacent to the Units next door to the Humpty Doo Shopping Centre.
    2. Arrangements for the police to increase the number of police patrols along Chandler Circuit, particularly during school hours and the afternoons.

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    Answered on 10/10/2002

    1. There have been 70 logged patrols conducted of the Humpty Doo Shopping Centre precinct between 13 July and 7 August 20002.

    2. There are presently specific patrol strategies in place that ensure police effort is expended on the issues identified by community representatives and police as being of concern, in particular, the shopping centres, flats and schools. School Based Constables also perform duties about the school. As the needs change and specific issues requiring particular increases in activity are identified then the necessary changes will be made.

    3. The Officer-in-Charge of Palmerston Police is working with Humpty Doo Shopping Community on a range of strategies to deal with crime issues in Humpty Doo.
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