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Police Station and Ambulance Centre in the Humpty Doo Region

9th Assembly


7. Police Station and Ambulance Centre in the Humpty Doo Region

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Minister prior to the Poll on 18 August 2001 both political parties made promises to construct a police, fire and emergency services facility in the Humpty Doo region.

1. Would you kindly confirm that the Labor Government will honour its commitment to build a Police Station and Ambulance Centre within its first term of Government in the Humpty Doo region.

2. If so, would you kindly advise –
      (a) the proposed date when tenders will be issued for the construction of the facility;
      (b) the proposed construction start date for the facility and the proposed duration for the construction of the police and ambulance facility;
      (c) the proposed location of the facility and the date for its proposed completion and operational mission; and
      (d) whether or not the facility will be part of a larger complex adjacent to the current Gym and the proposed Pool.

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Answered on 07/01/2003

1. The Labor Government is committed to the construction of a Tri-Service facility at Humpty Doo. This will provide an operational centre for the Police, Fire and Emergency Services.
2. (a) The construction of the Tri-Service facility is currently on the 2002/03 Design List for construction in the 2003/2004 financial year.
(b) It is very difficult to place a commencement and completion date on the project this far out from commencement however construction should take approximately 20 weeks from the commencement.
(c) The proposed location is on vacant Crown Land which is part of section 2643 of the Arnhem Highway on the corner of 6 Gumtrees Road (which is to be renamed Spencely Road).
(d) The facility is not adjacent to the current gym and proposed pool.
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