Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Central Arnhem Highway

9th Assembly


164. Central Arnhem Highway

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure


1. What is the frequency of grading on the Central Arnhem Highway from January 2004 to 27 October 2004.

2. How often has the road between Bulman and Beswick been graded over the last six months and the dates; and when was the road last graded.

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Answered on 31/01/2005

1. From January 2004 to 27 October 2004 Central Arnhem Highway was graded twice. Firstly a pavement grade after the Wet Season followed by a full maintenance grade which commenced in late October.

2. The road between Bulman and Beswick was given a pavement grade during the months of May and June 2004 and has recently received a full maintenance grade.
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