Department of the Legislative Assembly

13th Assembly Petitions

Index to Petitions 13th Assembly

Petition 1 - Transport for Coomalie residents district residents to attend medical appointments in Darwin
Petition 2 - Access to hospital treatment in Darwin for Coomalie residents
Petition 3 - Seeking review of the Seniors Concession Scheme
Petition 4 - Save Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation
Petition 5 - Reinstate the Home Improvement Scheme
Petition 6 - Re-open the Home Improvement Scheme
Petition 7 - Change Gazette S119 to bring Dan Murphy's to Darwin
Petition 8 - Relating to Galiwin'ku Women's Space Committee
Petition 9 - Motorcycle Education Training and Licensing (METAL) to save lives in the NT
Petition 10 - Provision and availability of Improved Health Services in the Coomalie Shire
Petition 11 - Moratorium on unconventional Oil and Gas Mining in the NT Division of Lingiari for seven years
Petition 12 - Review of NT Pensioner and Carers Concession Scheme
Petition 13 - Health Service at Dundee
Petition 14 - Action when animals deliberately and maliciously harmed, injured or killed
Petition 15 - Justice for Pearl the Pony
Petition 16 - Future of Rugby League in the Territory
Petition 17 - Save our Season - Magpie Geese Hunting
Petition 18 - Department of Housing Keith Lawrie Flats Alice Springs
Petition 19 - Cease Barneson Boulevard
Petition 20 - Stop Barneson Boulevard
Petition 21 - Reject road through Frog Hollow precinct
Petition 22 - Ban unconventional onshore gas mining
Petition 23 - Declare entire Northern Territory a no go zone for onshore shale gas fracking
Petition 24 - National Indigenous Art Gallery Site, Alice Springs

Petition 25 - Treatment of elderly pensioners by NT Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Petition 26 - Support Vapers' Rights

Petition 27 - Youth Justice Facility Pineland

Petition 28 - Excessive noise from the PINT Club

Petition 29 - Section 13 of the Motor Accident (Compensation) Act NT

Petition 30 Rural based water and swimming complex

Petition 31 - Don't let the NT Government call last drinks on family businesses

Last updated: 29 Nov 2018