Fire Walls for Units at Litchfield Court

9th Assembly


39. Fire Walls for Units at Litchfield Court

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Housing

1. Why is the Minister for Infrastructure & Planning continuing to put the lives of residents of Territory Housing’s complex at Litchfield Court on Progress Drive, Nightcliff in danger by his refusal to install fire-walls between the units?

2. Will the Chief Minister tell Territorians why car owners must continue to pay the extra tax on registrations when the Government has received funding from the GST exceeding estimates and the fact that the so called “Black Hole” has disappeared mysteriously?

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Answered on 21/03/2003

1.The townhouse units at Litchfield Court, Nightcliff, which do not have firewalls,
have a Certificate of Occupancy issued at the completion of construction in 1982.

To complement and further improve fire safety at the townhouses my Department will install hard-wired smoke alarms before the end of June this year.
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