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This Assembly, pursuant to section 3 of the Legislative Assembly (Disclosure of Interests) Act 2008, establish a  Committee to act as the Committee of Members' Interests for the purposes of this Act.  Thirteenth Assembly, Sessional Order 5, adopted 26 October 2016, assigns the Standing Orders Committee


Hon Natasha Fyles MLA (Chair)NightcliffTerritory Labor
Hon Kezia Purick MLAGoyderIndependent
Hon Paul Kirby MLAPort DarwinTerritory Labor
Ms Ngaree Ah Kit MLAKaramaTerritory Labor
Mr Gary Higgins MLADalyCountry Liberal Party
Mrs Robyn Lambley MLAAraluenIndependent



Mr Michael Tatham
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Telephone: (08) 8946 1450
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Last updated: 11 Feb 2019