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Water Further Amendment Bill 2019

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On 14 August 2019 the Legislative Assembly referred the Water Further Amendment Bill 2019 to the Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee for inquiry and report in accordance with clause (4)(c) of the Committee’s Terms  of Reference by 15 October 2019.

The Committee encourages all interested people to provide their comments and feedback on the Bill.

The Committee is to inquire into and report on:
a) whether the Assembly should pass the Bill;
b) whether the Assembly should amend the Bill;
c) whether the Bill has sufficient regard to the rights and liberties of individuals; and
d) whether the Bill has sufficient regard to the institution of Parliament.

Submissions should be sent to by close of business Wednesday, 4 September 2019.


Public Hearing: 9.00 - 11.00 am - Tuesday 24 September 2019
Submissions closed 4 September 2019

Key Documents

Water Further Amendment Bill 2019
Water Act 1992
Explanatory Statement
Statement of Compatibility with Human Rights


Submission No. 1 - Protect NT Inc
Submission No. 2 - Central Land Council
Submission No. 3 - Protect Country Alliance
Submission No. 4 - Heidi Jennings
Submission No. 5 - Shannon Townsend-Tapp
Submission No. 6 - Northern Territory Farmers Association Inc
Submission No. 7 - Rallen Australia
Submission No. 8 - Northern Land Council

Public Briefings and Hearings

Public Briefing Schedule - 21 August 2019
Transcript - Public Briefing - 21 August 2019
Public Hearing Schedule - 24 September 2019

Tabled Papers

Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Submission on the Water Further Amendment Bill 2019 - 21 August 2019
Hon Eva Lawler, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources - Responses to Written Questions - 19 September 2019


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