Ilparpa Swamp water releases

9th Assembly


23. Ilparpa Swamp water releases

Mr dunham to MINISTER for Essential Services


The Minister for Central Australia set a benchmark of zero water releases for Power Water facilities into Ilparpa Swamp. Does Power Water agree that this benchmark is feasible?

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Answered on 25/02/2003

The Controller of Water Resources issued a Waste Discharge Licence on 17 January 2003 under the Water Act for the Waste Stabilisation Ponds in Alice Springs.

The Power and Water Corporation is required to comply with the conditions of the licence and has provided a copy of the Waste Discharge Licence for reference.

Power and Water believes that the benchmark of zero overflows during dry weather prior to 31 December 2005 is achievable. Measures required to achieve this target are being developed and will be implemented. Power and Water is required to develop release rules for wet weather flow by 31 October 2004.

The question of release during wet weather is still under negotiation between Power and Water and the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment as a condition of the Waste Discharge Licence. However, it is pointed out that because of the extreme variability of wet weather events (such as the 1983 floods) there is a statistical probability of overflow if a sufficiently large event occurs.
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