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Territory Discoveries - Operating Expenses


10th Assembly


233. Territory Discoveries - Operating Expenses

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Territory Discoveries - Operating Expenses

Operating expenses were budgeted 2004/2005 at $4.983mm, operating expenses estimated for 2005-06 at $5.794m, a difference of $811 000.
    1. Could you please give details of the make up of the $811 000.


    Answered on 23/11/2005

    The operating expenses for 2004/05 increased from $4.983 million to $5.794 million during 2004/05 as a direct result of Government’s approval for Territory Discoveries to expand its business operations along with other minor NT Treasury adjustments such as the EBA. Additional funding requested was as follows:

    $429 000 - Personnel Costs
    $330 000 - Operational Costs (mainly for Marketing and Promotion but also includes increased costs for insurance, telephones, IT charges etc)
    $52 000 - Treasury adjustments.
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