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Fog Bay Road


11th Assembly


163. Fog Bay Road

Mr giles to MINISTER for Construction

    As the Fog Bay Road is a piece of critical infrastructure in the Top End, would you please advise:-

    Capital Works and maintenance

    1. The amount of funds expended on the Fog Bay Rd in 2008, 2009 and 2010 to date on maintenance and capital works;
    2. The scope of the maintenance works;
    3. The scope of the capital works;

    Works in 2009 and 2010

    4. In regard to works undertaken in 2009 and 2010:
        (a) what creek and stream crossings have been worked on;
        (b) what was done on each crossings, were any natural streams/creeks re-aligned;
        (c) what was the cost of the re-alignment;
        (d) how much was saved by re-alignment;
        (e) have the changes worked;
        (f) If they haven’t worked, what are the proposed changes, the cost to remediate and what is the completion timeframe;

    Tender T09-1487

    5. In regards specifically to Tender T09-1487 awarded to Allan King and Sons Constructions Ltd:
        (a) when did the contract go out;
        (b) what was the criteria of the tender;
        (c) why did the road cut through natural waterways;
        (d) why were the works done in the wet season;
        (e) were the works done damaged by rain and stream flow and have to be re-worked;
        (f) were there any variations to this tender, and if so what were they;
        (g) what was the total final cost, and did this include a payment for remedial work; and

    Works proposed for 2010 -2011

    6. what works are proposed for Fog Bay Rd in the remainder of 2010 and in 2011.


Answered on 15/07/2010



    1. Maintenance expenditure - includes: cyclical maintenance, specific maintenance, disaster maintenance and delivery fees:
    2008 $ 314,926.54 (GST Exclusive)
    2009 $ 360,517.36 (GST Exclusive)
    2010 $ 236,942.68 (GST Exclusive), (1 Jan2010 – 5 Jul 2010)
        Capital work expenditure:
    2008 $ 770,738.28 ( GST Exclusive)
    2009 $1,580,420.53( GST Exclusive)
    2010 $396,095.17 ( GST Exclusive) (1 Jan 2010 – 5Jul 2010)
        Note that the expenditures include delivery fees of 10% for disaster maintenance and 14% for all other maintenance.
    2. Cyclical Maintenance - 2008, 2009, 2010 - litter collection, graffiti removal, minor seal repairs, pothole patching, shoulder grading, maintenance grading, slashing, tree pruning, road furniture installation/maintenance, line marking, bridge and culvert repairs, grids, fences, drainage maintenance, and floodway/causeway maintenance.
        Disaster Maintenance 2008 - pavement repairs, drainage repairs, sign repairs, scour repairs and washout repairs after storm damage.

        Specific Maintenance 2008:

    various road works and drainage repairs;
    repairs to concrete crossing – Charlotte River, CH4.8km; and
    regravel various sections – CH44.5km to CH46.0km.
        Minor Works and Services 2009 - upgrade and seal – CH5.95km to CH10.5km.

        Specific Maintenance 2009 – re-gravel between CH43.26km and CH45.36.

        Disaster Maintenance 2010- major scour repair – Annie Crossing

        Specific Maintenance 2010 - upgrade and seal.

    3. 2008 - Upgrade and seal 4.6km between CH5.9km to 10.5 km.
        2009 - Upgrade and seal 3.5km between CH10.75 km to 12.267 km and 12.387 to 14.375km.

    (a) Lenny Creek in the 2009 upgrade and seal contract, Chainage 5.9km to 10.5km contract, excluding major creek crossings. The current upgrade contract, 10.75km to 12.267 and 12.387km to 14.375km does not have a stream crossing works.

    (b) Construction of a new causeway on a realigned section of Fog Bay Road including rock protection work at Lenny Creek and diversion drainage works to channel the creek and surrounding flood areas into the crossing. The natural stream was partially realigned to flow through the new causeway but this was of a minor nature.

    (c) Both the 2009 and 2010 contracts had considerable road realignments throughout their respective lengths. The Lenny Creek crossing was on a realigned section. It is difficult to apportion all associated cost to the Lenny Creek crossing as items such as establishment, traffic control, clearing, environment management and survey were scheduled as items for the whole contract.

    (d) Not known. The realignments in both the 2009 and 2010 contracts were necessary to achieve the required road geometry to achieve a design sped of 100km/h. Sealing the existing alignments of the road would have resulted in a potentially dangerous situation at tight bends, sharp crests and speed restrictions would have to be imposed throughout. The cost of accidents and fatalities may be high and may far outweigh the cost of realignment. The department designs to Austroads guidelines and for 100km/h design speed limit when rural roads are upgraded to sealed conditions. This requirement often requires realignments to achieve the required road geometry.

    (e) Yes, the sealed roads are safer to drive on and accidents have decreased. Annual maintenance has decreased dramatically. The crossing at Lenny Creek has issues with the approach roads in that there is some premature deformation of the pavement due to underlying water problems. This is being investigated and scoped so that repairs can be undertaken.

    (f) The failure at the Lenny Creek crossing is being investigated and once the scope of repairs is compiled, the work will be undertaken. Costs and timeframe for repair is not known at this time.


    (a) The contract was awarded on 6 October 2009.

    (b) The tender was to upgrade and seal Fog Bay Road between Annie River and Leviathan Creek - Ch 10.750 km to Ch12.267 km and Ch 12.387 km to Ch 14.375km.

    (c) Rocky Creek lies at Ch 12.267 km to 12.387 km and is not in the scope of work.

    The contract was advertised on 13 August 2009 for four weeks, it closed on 9 September 2009 and the contract was awarded on 6 October 2009 with an original completion date of 7 January 2010.
    The advertising date was delayed due to late receiving of appropriated project clearances for the project.
    The contractor also delayed mobilisation to site until the first week in November, due to other commitments, production was slow in the first month.
    If the contractor adhered to the original construction program to complete the works by the 7 January 1010, then 80% of the works would have been completed by the start of heavy rains in mid December.
    At that stage drainage works and the road formation would have been completed, including pavement gravelling.

    The work was partly damaged by a significant flood at Coda Road, being approximately 250 metres south of the Annie Creek crossing.
    The flood was of a very high intensity and came from a location not generally known as a flood area and resulted in damage to the new road formation and considerable scouring of the table drain all the way to Annie Creek.
    The damage was repaired by filling with approximate 500 cubic meters of rock and fill, which was funded from the Disaster Maintenance 2010 at a cost of about $58,900 (GST exclusive).
    Remaining damage on the new alignment was carried out by the contractor at their own cost.
    Two additional culverts were required in the vicinity of Coda Road to take the water through the road formation to outfall into waterways.

    The installation the culverts at Coda Road a cost of $65,000.
    Gabion drop structures and levee banks for the table drain between Coda Road and Annie Creek to improve the drainage issues in the area at a cost of $10,000.
    No other variations have been order for the contract.

    The contract is due for completion end July 2010 and so a final cost is not known.
    The final variation will be a full measure-up of final quantities for the schedule of rates contract.
    The final payment will include all variations ordered, including the full measure-up of quantities.
    It will not include the repair work paid for under flood damage.


    There is a 2010-11 Capital Works program item of $2.5 million to upgrade and seal further sections of Fog Bay Road between Cox Peninsula to Namarada Drive (target is to continue the upgrade and sealing of a further 5km stretch of the Fog Bay Road).
    These works will be tendered in conjunction with the balance of 2009-10 program (approx $0.8m) to upgrade and seal the Fog Bay Road section between Barramundi Drive and Marlin Road (approximate Chainages 44.4km to 51.3km).
    There is an ongoing program to seal Fog Bay Road over several years and future stages funding will be considered for future Capital Works Programs.
    The current upgrade and sealing works do not include immunity improvements to the Charlotte River, Annie Creek, Rocky Creek and Leviathan River, which will be targeted in future years after completion of the sealing of the road.

    Rehabilitation of four floodways - CH27.29km, CH29.21km, CH35.84km, CH36.94km.
    Routine Maintenance and Flood Damage maintenance as required.

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