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Advertising and Promotions


10th Assembly


166. Advertising and Promotions

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Health


Advertising and Promotions

1. How much was spent on behalf of your department of Health on advertising/promotional activities/videos/DVD’s/brochures and general printed matter in 2004/2005.
2. Please provide a month by month breakdown of spending and projects/programs that this spending was for.


Answered on 06/10/2006

1. A total of $606093 was spent on advertising and promotional material in 2004-2005 and
$1 094 007.87 on printing.

2. Expenditure for particular projects/programs occurs across monthly reporting periods so therefore time consuming to ascertain month by month breakdown of spending, and projects/programs that this spending was for.
    A monthly breakdown on advertising and promotional material is provided, along with expenditure on key activities during 2004/05.

Month by month
July 2004 $27668
August 2004 $43258
September 2004 $15534
October 2004 $20136
November 2004 $16702
December 2004 $47837
January 2005 $38512
February 2005 $25006
March 2005 $70059
April 2005 $88227
May 2005 $45973
June 2005 $167181*

*Traditional high level of expenditure due to payment of outstanding invoices prior to close of ledger
Expenditure by program
Aged and Disability Program $21431
Alcohol and Other Drug Program $98896
Centre for Disease Control $40012
NT Health Direct $23199
Corporate Communications (including
Show Circuit, Nursing and Midwifery Awards,
death notices, Building Healthier Communities) $54788
Nursing Recruitment $147072
Office of Aboriginal Health, Families
and Social Policy $17538
Family and Children’s Services $55971
Health Development and Oral Health $42071
Palmerston Services Project $24171
People and Organisational Learning
(including Studies Assistance ads) $25479

All other DHCS programs $55465
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016