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Advertising Campaign Effectiveness


10th Assembly


95. Advertising Campaign Effectiveness

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Advertising Campaign Effectiveness

1. What is the measured level of effectiveness (recall etc.) of the NTTC advertising campaign.


Answered on 28/11/2005

With the launch of the ‘Share Our Story’ campaign, 34% of respondents in the target markets recalled seeing advertising for the Northern Territory unprompted Respondents are not aided or prompted by mentions of the NT or any other destination., a very strong result in comparison to other states and territories (refer to Figure 1).

Figure 1: Unprompted Awareness, 25 April 2005 – 22 May 2005

Base: (Wave 3, Phase 2 2005) Total Sample, n=501
*without being aided or prompted with the NT or any other destination

Prompted awareness Respondents are read a description of each advertisement. of Northern Territory advertising was strong for most advertisements (refer to Figure 2). Although the ‘Share Our Story’ campaign results were lower than the previous ‘It’ll never, never leave you’ campaign, these results actually show a positive response to the campaign in the context of a lower media weight than for previous campaigns.

Figure 2: Prompted Awareness (‘Share Our Story’ campaign shown in yellow)


Base: Total recognised each in the targeted mediums/market. WAVE 3 total samples, Phase 1 (n= 250); Phase 2 (n=501); Phase 3 (n=581)

Importantly, the ‘Share Our Story’ campaign was also effective in creating a positive disposition for travellers to visit the Northern Territory, as indicated by the measure of ‘persuasion’. The majority of travellers who saw the ‘Share Our Story’ advertising indicated the advertisements increased their interest in visiting the Northern Territory (refer to Figure 3).

Figure 3: Persuasion of Share Our Story Advertisement types

Base: Consume targeted media relevant to specific executions AND aware of advertising; WAVE 3, Phase 3, 2005, Share Our Story TVC (n=50), Booklet Insert (n=59). WAVE 3, Phase 2 2005; Tactical Advertising (n=61), Alice Advertorials (n=75). Average WAVE 3 Phases 2 & 3, Branding Advertising (n=153), Online Advertisements (n=194)
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