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Community Engagement - Women's Advancement


10th Assembly


71. Community Engagement - Women's Advancement

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Community Engagement - Women's Advancement

1. What consultants were employed during 2004/2005 to undertake work for the area of Community Engagement for the Women's Advancement Office.
2. What was the nature of each consultancy.
3. List the consultancies awarded by Certificate of Exemption.
4. In how many and in which consultancies were expressions of interest or tenders called before a person or body was engaged to carry out that promotion.
5. What was the total amount spent on behalf of Community Engagement for the Women's Advancement Office during 2004/2005.
6. Please detail how much each consultancy cost.


Answered on 19/05/2006

1. Monash University were paid as consultants for work undertaken in 2004-05 by the Office Women’s Policy.

2. Monash University was engaged to develop a set of gendered social indicators responsive to the Northern Territory situation. The project was to explore designing a set of indicators that would allow for the measurement of progress in women’s social, economic and cultural well-being in the NT.

3. A Certificate of Exemption was approved by the Chief Minister 01 November 2003 and endorsed by the Procurement Review Board 13 November 2003 on the basis that there was no local company/entity with the required expertise.

4. The consultancy was managed through the Contract and Procurement Services Branch (CAPS) of the Department of Corporate and Information Services. The contract is mandated and was awarded 12 January 2004.

5. & 6. It is assumed question 5 refers to the amount spent on consultancies for the Women’s Advancement output. $20,000 was paid in 2004-05.
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