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Visitor Information Centres


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229. Visitor Information Centres

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Visitor Information Centres

Budget papers state that in 2004-05 there were 5 accredited visitor information service providers. The Budget 2005-06 estimates 7 accredited V.I.C.

1. Where are the 7 accredited V.I.C.
2. How is the new V.I.C. at Three Ways being funded.
3. How is the V.I.C. at Three Ways being serviced.


Answered on 23/11/2005

1. Where are the 7 accredited V.I.C’s?

There are five accredited Visitor Information service providers throughout the Northern Territory – located in:
Barkly/ Tennant Creek (Nyinkka Nyunyu and Battery Hill Mining Centre)
Alice Springs

These five providers receive funding from the NT Tourist Commission through an annual grant of $2.175 million. The $2.175 million funding covers the operations of the Visitor Information Centres and the Regional Tourist Associations. The two functions are separate in Katherine and Tennant Creek. Each organisation is funded as follows:

Regional Tourist Association
Visitor Information Centre
$320 000
$320 000
$200 000
$285 000
Tennant Creek
$230 000
$180 000
Alice Springs
$320 000
$320 000

The NT Tourist Commission undertook a review of the Partnership NT Agreement with the four Regional Tourist Associations in October 2003. The object of this review was to establish an accountable relationship which would be based on agreed service delivery to industry and effective outcomes with accountable key performance indicators.

The major Visitor Information Centres will become more destination focused and will be required to provide a full and comprehensive range of information for visitors on all regions.

In Katherine and Barkly, the new arrangements are now in place with the formal separation of the Visitor Information Centre and the Regional Tourist Association and agreements are essentially in place for the Visitor Information Centres. Katherine Town Council now operate the Visitor Information Centre and in the Barkly Region this responsibility has been transferred to Battery Hill Mining Centre and Nyinkka Nyunyu Aboriginal Cultural Centre, both are major attractions for the region.

Progress continues on the establishment of visitor information “service” outlets along the highway (eg. Pine Creek, Mataranka and Timber Creek) and at entry points into the Northern Territory (eg. Kununurra, Mount Isa and Cooper Pedy). These sub-regional visitor information services will be located in existing businesses and will provide static displays of regional information, designed to assist the traveller with information to guide them through their journey and to extend their length of stay in the Northern Territory.

2. How is the new V.I.C. at Three Ways being funded?

Three Ways Wayside Inn was successful with their application for a Tourism Development Grant of $90 000 to turn a disused building attached to the roadhouse, into a visitor information service. The funding was allocated for the “fitout” of the building including brochure display collateral, posters and interpretive materials.

3. How is the V.I.C. at Three Ways being serviced?

The Three Ways Visitor information Services will be serviced by the Regional Tourism Associations by way of provision of regional booklets, maps, and information to assist the traveller with information up and down the track, as will any other information service established.

There is no provision for funding of these services for administration and staffing as these services will be undertaken by the proprietor.

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