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99. Kakadu Consultancy

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Kakadu Consultancy

1. What has been the outcome of the consultancy commissioned by the Government on tourism in Kakadu.


Answered on 23/11/2005

The consultancy for the future of Kakadu was a jointly funded project between the Northern Territory and Federal Government.

The final report “A Shared Vision for Tourism in Kakadu National Park’ was delivered in February 2005.

The Report put forward 71 Recommendations for the Northern Territory and Federal Governments to consider covering areas of marketing, product development, increased indigenous involvement, information and interpretation and the future of Jabiru.

The Northern Territory Government is waiting on the formal response from the Federal Government on the Report and its recommendations. The response was due in July this year, however, has not been delivered.

The Northern Territory Government has for the past 12 months offered $500 000, conditional on matching funds, to market Kakadu National Park. The Federal Government has not been forthcoming with matching funds. The Northern Territory Government has now re-assessed its marketing of Kakadu due to the lack of matching funds from the Federal Government. The NTTC will continue to represent Kakadu in campaigns within the current budget parameters, but not to the extent the NTTC believes is necessary to reinvigorate or “re-launch” the interest in this iconic park.

The NT Tourist Commission is currently working with two separate Traditional Land Owners in Kakadu National Park on the development of tourism product. The interest shown by these Traditional Owners and several others can be linked back to the work undertaken in developing the Report. Through the Report they can now see how they can be a part of the tourism industry, instead of a bystander.

Due to a change in Management Structure at Kakadu National Park, the tourism industry, Park management and Traditional land owners are now engaging on a more frequent basis. This is seeing fruitful discussions by all parties on the development of a sustainable tourism industry in Kakadu.
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