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Water and Weed Management, Funding


10th Assembly


226. Water and Weed Management, Funding

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Natural Resources, Environment and Heritage

Water and Weed Management, Funding

        Minister in continuing with the bad news for Primary Industries in this budget water and weed management Budget been reduced by $410 000:
1. Given that the Territory has serious problems with Gamba Grass and Ngurra Burr, amongst other weeds and your government has stated many times that you are concerned about water management, why have you cut the budget in this area by $410 000.


Answered on 05/10/2005

H:\CABINET\GENERAL\LEGASS\Written Questions\10th Ass - Written Questions\Aqsts226.doc
There has been no decrease in the 2005 - 06 budget for water management.

There has been a $410 000 reduction in Natural Heritage Trust Commonwealth funding for natural resource management. The Northern Territory Government is not responsible for Commonwealth funding reductions.
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