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Public Housing Rental Debt


10th Assembly


107. Public Housing Rental Debt

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Housing

Public Housing Rental Debt

What is the level of debt owed to Territory Housing in rental arrears.
Why isn’t rental arrears included in the Budget Papers.


Answered on 06/02/2006

Question 1.

As at 31 July 2005, a total of $1.8m was owed to Territory Housing for public housing rental arrears, including ceased tenancies.

Question 2.

The level of Territory Housing’s debtors is not specifically disclosed in 2005/06 Budget Paper No. 3 (BP3). However, reducing rental arrears is a priority of Territory Housing. Accordingly, public housing rental arrears are identified as a performance measure in BP3 (page 205).

The ‘Total rent collected as a percentage of total rent charged’performance measure reflects tenant rental arrears as a percentage of the total amount of rent charged/rent collected under the public housing business line.

While it is difficult to provide specific details in financial terms in BP3, an estimate for outstanding debtors that incorporates rental arrears is provided in the Statement of Financial Position (page 209). More detailed information on outstanding debts is published in the Department’s Annual Report.
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